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Our CF center regularly ranks in the top 10 percentile of all centers nationally

See our lung function values for our CF patients in the last years

The CF Center at Miller’s is an integrated disease management program that follows patients from diagnosis through adulthood. With the current longer life expectancy for patients with Cystic Fibrosis, our clinic population includes patients of all ages. More than half the patients followed by the Miller CF center are adults aged 18 years or older.

Our CF center is regularly ranked in the top 10 CF centers nationally in lung function and body mass index.The CF center is a member of the Therapeutics Development Network of the CF Foundation.The center houses several CF clinical trials and serves as a regional center for CF newborn screening referrals.Importantly, the CF patients are hospitalized on dedicated CF hospital wings in both the pediatric and adult hospitals.

Our CF center supports national endeavors in CF care and research.Our center also supports and grows internal best practice measures in CF including use of bronchoscopy, exercise testing, modified airway clearance and early lung transplantation evaluation to name a few.As CF patients continue to reach further years into adulthood, our center remains on the cutting edge of supporting this effort.


Assisted Ventilation Clinic

Ventilatory support may be required for a wide range of disabilities and conditions including myopathies, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury, demyelinating diseases and severe cerebral palsy.The clinic supports patient who require chronic tracheostomy support as well with or without ventilation.

In addition, the clinic supports both invasive and noninvasive means of ventilation including CPAP and BiPAP. The clinic offers comprehensive ventilator services in one location.

Because the majority of our patients have multiple severe disabilities, we provide a one-stop shopping format, so when they come to the clinic, they’ll see as many care providers as possible in a single visit, including: a pulmonologist (physician), respiratory therapists (to handle any issues with the ventilator equipment), a dietitian (for nutrition support services) and a social worker.Fellowship training in this clinic is invaluable.Few physicians master airway and ventilator support like our fellows do upon completion of training.


Sickle Cell Pulmonary Clinic

Unique to Miller’s, the Sickle Cell Pulmonary was the first of its kind in a dedicated multidisciplinary clinic focused on lung co-morbidity of sickle cell patients. 


With over 150 sickle cell patients, the center received long term funding to care for and study the outcomes of these patients after a landmark publication from our center described the impact of lung disease in this patient population. 


Experience on both the inpatient (sickle cell acute chest syndrome) and outpatient side of this condition has led to improved outcomes and therapeutic modalities.  Further opportunities await to study molecular and clinical markers for this patient population’s pulmonary process given the life limiting aspect of lung disease in sickle cell anemia.


SEVERE Asthma Clinic

Miller’s Pulmonary Division is one of only a dozen Children’s Hospitals to achieve and maintain JCAHO Asthma Center of Excellence.  This national recognition of both excellence in outpatient and inpatient asthma management has led to one of the nation’s few Difficult Asthma Clinics. 


For patients with severe obstructive asthma unresponsive to typical asthma management, this clinic offers opportunities to trial biologic agents, alternative drugs and monitor the disease in a comprehensive format engaging the specialty expertise of allergy, immunology and pulmonology in one visit.

Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD)


At our institution, we have established a specialized clinic dedicated to addressing the complexities of PCD. Tailored for patients with manifestations of PCD. Our clinic in Southern California is one of only four in the Western United States. Our Fellows will learn how to diagnose, treat and utilize an nNO machine.  Under the guidance of a multidisciplinary team patients receive comprehensive evaluations and personalized treatment plans—all within a single visit.


During their fellowship at our institution, fellows will gain invaluable experience in early diagnosis and comprehensive care for Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD) through collaboration with a multi-specialty team. This approach is crucial as it offers several significant benefits: preventing permanent lung damage, preventing hearing loss, evaluating organ laterality defects, and improving quality of life.

Broncho Pulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) Clinic



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