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The fellows participate in clinical outreach toward asthma through the Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma (LBACA), started in 1999, which is a partnership to improve the lives of children with asthma in the Long Beach community.


LBACA is one of 7 sites in the US and Puerto Rico awarded grants under the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation’s Allies Against Asthma program, and one of 12 sites in California awarded grants under The California Endowment’s Community Action to Fight Asthma (CAFA) Program. Focus is on Long Beach and its surrounding communities. 


LBACA’s activities include a community health worker home visiting program, an asthma resource center, Physician Asthma Care Education training to improve physician asthma management skills and training medical assistants to provide asthma education to patients at provider sites.


LBACA also teams up with schools, after-school programs, parks and recreational centers to develop asthma-friendly environments and policies; and mobilizing the community to respond to air quality issues, both indoors and outdoors.  Fellows participate actively with LBACA in the hospital and clinic setting.

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