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american board of pediatrics requirement

Involvement in scholarly activities must result in the generation of a specific written “work product.”

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • A peer-reviewed publication in which a fellow played a substantial role

  • An in-depth manuscript describing a completed project

  • A thesis or dissertation written in connection with the pursuit of an advanced degree

  • An extramural grant application that has either been accepted or favorably reviewed

  • A progress report for projects of exceptional complexity, such as a multi-year clinical trial

research opportunities

The research opportunities during fellowship are many. Clinical, translational and basic science options are available. The goal of fellowship research is to take a fellow through the entire scientific method from hypothesis development and project design to IRB submission and funding receipt. Ideally, we would like every fellow to achieve the “big 3” during fellowship:


  1. One grant funded, proposal driven, clinical or basic science research study.

  2. One case report.

  3. One literature review or small, translational bench study.


You can review our many faculty publications and area of interest. The Translational Pulmonary & Immunology Research Center is on campus and offers basic and translational science opportunities as well. Please see some our fellows research posters from recent years (attached).


Clinical trials research offers another opportunity during training. If interested, fellows may serve as sub investigators in clinical trials (pharmaceutical and diagnostic). The role requires the fellow to participate in the annual investigators meeting (travel covered), patient enrollment, data acquisition and reporting.

This opportunity is unique to our fellowship program and has served graduating fellows well who continue such trials in practice.

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