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Welcome to the Miller Children’s Hospital – UCI Pediatric Pulmonary Fellowship Program

5 Reasons Why to Choose a Career in Pediatric Pulmonology

The field of Pediatric Pulmonology is an exciting state of growth.  With less than 1,000 specialists in this field nationwide and increasing pulmonary disease frequency in children to young adults, the field of Pediatric Pulmonology is poised to make a great impact to millions of children and young adults across the country.  From common conditions such as asthma and exercise induced bronchospasm to the esoteric children’s interstitial lung diseases and cystic fibrosis, Pediatric Pulmonology covers the spectrum of disease burden.  The field continues to grow in coverage of co-morbid conditions as well including myopathies, sickle cell disease, congenital heart disease and much more.  Among the many pediatric sub-specialties, Pediatric Pulmonology perhaps stands to meet the greatest need with the greatest advancements in the next decade.

The history of Pediatric Pulmonology starts with programs like ours.  Founded by Dr. Eliezer Nussbaum in the early 1980's, the Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship Program at Miller’s Children Hospital has continuously been accredited over 30 years.  Dr. Nussbaum, a pioneer in the field of Pediatric Pulmonology and Pediatric Intensive Care, established the training program with the core goal of training the next generation of clinicians and

researchers in the field. 


Over three decades later, the fellowship program boasts alumni who practice across the United States and worldwide functioning as attendings, practitioners and divisions chiefs of top universities.  The fellowship program is housed within one of the largest Pediatric Pulmonology divisions in country counting over 9,000 outpatient visits per year in the pulmonary center alone. 

IMPACT.  We all go into medicine to make a difference.  How often do we feel we are making a difference?  In Pediatric Pulmonology, it’s every day.


DIVERSITY. A lung disease not only impacts the lungs, it impacts the heart, the musculoskeletal system, the brain and more. Being a good pulmonologist allows you to not only master the lungs, but to approach the diversity of systems of the body related with lung disease 


NEED.  With under 1,000 pediatric pulmonologists in the US, the need is clear.  The 1 out of 4 children who suffer lung disease need more specialists like you.


JOB SECURITY.  Need we say more?  A job awaits you any where in the US you would like to be at a pay scale higher than

most subspecialties.


WORK, LIFE BALANCE.   Pediatric Pulmonology offers a variety of experiences on a daily basis and offers you the hospital specialist experience without taking in house call.

Pediatric Pulmonology understands your work life balance needs like no other pediatric specialty.


What Can TPIRC
Do For You as a Fellow?

TPIRC offers the fellowship program an opportunity to participate in basic and translational pulmonary research on campus. Many training programs do not have basic science research just steps away from clinical care. Working with a PhD researcher and TPIRC’s affiliated research groups makes the scholarly activity experience all the better!

The TRANSLATIONAL PULMONARY & IMMUNOLOGY RESEARCH CENTER (TPIRC) is a non-profit clinical care and research center that focuses on the development of cutting-edge, individualized treatment protocols for rare and orphan diseases utilizing comprehensive diagnostic tools and patient-driven research. 

Our mission is two-fold – to advance treatment discovery at a pace which helps our patients today, while building a scalable model of success to accelerate the rate of research discovery for all diseases.


"The UC-Irvine & Miller Children's Hospital pediatric pulmonology program is an ideal fellowship balanced evenly between clinical, academic, scholarly, research and quality improvement. This program and sites has allowed us to serve alongside so many passionate, incredible health providers for the betterment of our unique and under-served community!"

Dr. James Brock

"The pulmonary fellowship at Miller Children’s provides outstanding clinical and procedural experiences through its diverse group of Cystic Fibrosis, Asthma and Allergy patients. I have found good mentor-ship and have been given the opportunity to pursue all my interests."

Dr. Nandini Kataria

 "I chose the pulmonary fellowship at Miller Children’s Hospital for its clinical strength. After experiencing what other programs had to offer, I was attracted to the wide scope of clinical training that is offered and the amount of time that we get with patients whether that be on the inpatient or outpatient side."

Dr. Vicki Masson

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